Well its been awhile since my last update. So time to get writing now that I’m back on the boat.

We seem to have been in Darwin forever. Especially when you include the month I left Camelot in Bayview Marina whilst I went down to Perth.

So lets see – where was i up to. Let’s start with when Cas was back on board, and we decided a trip back to Bynoe Harbour would be a good way to show Cas a bit of NT.

But first we needed to catch up with Mitch and Robbie, who are relatives of Cas; brothers who are both on separate navy ships but who happened to be in Darwin at the same time. We had an enjoyable afternoon depleting our supplies of corona catching up with the boys followed by a meal at the Dinah beach yacht club.

Then it was off to see the sights of Bynoe Harbour, calling in once more at Crab Claw Resort. We next tried to get into the lagoon beside Bare Sand Island but decided we didn’t have enough water under the keels so ended up anchoring off in deeper water.

Back in Darwin we said goodbye to Cas who headed off to the airport leaving Pete and I to beach Camelot and service the engines. We beached her on the beach at Fannie bay and managed to services the yanmars. However, the mechanic brought the wrong anodes along so we needed to leave that for another day. Likewise the genset impeller.

Having refloated her, we took Camelot around to the Bayview Marina and had our first “lock” experience. All the marinas in Darwin have locks to cope with the huge tides. There was hardly enough room for the fenders each side and we bumped a little as we went through the lock gates.

Safely in our berth, it was a frantic morning to get Camelot settled into her new home. We rushed madly to get everything done and then had to wait for a taxi that didn’t come. We got to the airport just in time.

Perth was a nice break. Spending a whole month with Cas was lovely and it was good to spend a bit of time with Alex and Claire as well as other family and friends.

Then it was back to Darwin again and ready for the next adventure. I have a boat full of Find-a-Crew this time. Dragan from Adelaide and Pam and Darren from Victoria. The good news about that is that they all have six weeks off and there is no need to be anywhere particular on a set date for quite a while.

But before we could leave Darwin we needed to beach Camelot again and attach the anodes. Unfortunately the mechanic hadn’t dropped off the new anodes as he said he DID. You gotta love trying to get things done in a hurry in Darwin.

So another day was lost whilst Darren and Pam brought the required anodes up from Melbourne. One last meal at Fannie Bay Yacht Club and we were off on our way to Gove and beyond to Cape York. First stop Cape Hotham, then Cape Don then onto the Seven Seas Eco Resort in Port Essington.

It’s great to be going again.













Barramundi and mud crab for dinner

Pete had been here a week and a bit and hadn’t caught a fish of note. Cas had just arrived and convinced everyone that she was here to provide good luck vis a vis fishing.

And that’s how it turned out. On brother Brad’s advice, we hit the change of tide at 10am and headed into Corrawara creek from our anchorage in Tapa Bay.

We passed our first croc that we have seen in the NT – I’m sure plenty of others have seen us. Then we dropped the crab nets and moved up stream to cast for barras.

About half an hour in and Pete’s rod went off. It took him a few minutes to land the barra into the bucket on the dingy and given we were in a croc biscuit with a live barra inside we decided one was enough for dinner and headed back to pick up the crab nets.

Bargain – we got our first mud crab as well.