Pancakes at Pancake Creek

Another early start to get us out of the maze out of Yellow Sands and we were off. We’d crossed the Tropic of Capricorn and were now out of the tropics for the first time since May.

Cape Capricorn is so named because it is just below the Tropic of Capricorn and we rounded it going south as we left yellow sands.

The trip down the coast was uneventful right up to when we got outside of Gladstone, where we found half the worlds shipping fleet anchored up outside. The wind was a bit on the nose so we took the opportunity to tack out to sea around them – twice as it turned out as there was a second set of ships anchored a bit further south.

Having successfully avoided them, we were then confronted by a couple of fishing trawlers who were having a nice game of chicken with us. With all this excitement behind us, we made it to pancake creek about 2pm.

We passed a few boats anchored near the mouth of the creek next to a palm lined beach as we headed further into the creek. We anchored off the pancake like sand flats and hopped in the dingy for an explore. First we had a wander on the sand flats before they disappeared under water – it was quite surreal to see them vanish later on.

Then we went and had a look at the mainland. There’s what looks like a nice walk across to the lighthouse and a nice beach that we checked out the start of.

A beautiful place worthy of a longer stay.

PS and we did have pancakes for breakfast!!!








4 thoughts on “Pancakes at Pancake Creek

  1. Hi Steve, enjoying the journey from a distance! You seem to making excellent progress and having fun on the ride. Good to see! Also glad that Smiley is going well on the way to Melbourne.
    I’ve just got back from South America and Rudi informs me that he has sold Kawan (Lagoon 38) to a guy in Carnarvan and has just returned from the delivery cruise. He is thinking about his next boat, as I expect are you as that gets closer. Tony

    • Good to hear from you. I gather you (and more importantly your wife) survived your Cape Horn experience. Would have been awesome. Interesting news from rudi – good to see someone’s been able to sell a boat reasonably quickly. I’ve just put Camelot on the market. Steve

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