Seems Like The Loveliest Marina in the World

After having a quick look around Middle Percy, we took off, heading towards a military exercise in Shoalwater. Luckily the bays were still open in the Military Training Area and we made our way towards Island Head Creek. We made good progress in light ENE winds and half way through the morning decided we would go further down the coast and anchor up at Pearl Bay. It turned out to be a lovely choice, wedged between an island and a bay. Alan Lucas’ bible describes it as one of the prettiest anchorages along the Queensland coast and it certainly lived up to its description.

We anchored with two other yachts and had an interesting afternoon and early morning watching fish jump all around us.

Next morning it was up early again and off to Rosslyn Bay. Again a lovely sail with lots of fish jumping around the boat. The scenery just kept getting better with the KeppelIslands appearing on one side and the mainland mountains on the other. The marina itself is set against a beautiful volcanic plug (very Cape Town-ish). After we negotiated our way past a dredge doing its stuff in the marina entrance, we quickly found our berth and tied up. The marina staff here were so helpful – there’s even a courtesy car you can borrow for a couple of hours.

That night, we had a lovely dinner sitting outside at the Restuarant at the marina to celebrate the two of us making it all the way from Cairns to Rosslyn Bay – we are definitely a cruising couple now!!!

Next day, Kim and Jane flew in and after a shop and a fuel stop it was off to Great Keppel Island.






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