Hervey Bay

With 72nm to go to Hervey Bay, we were up early. As predicted, pulling 100m of anchor from 20m down below was not fun, but in the end we managed to get it up and off we went.

It turned out to be a lovely motor sail across a flat ocean. We were out of sight of land for most of the way until we sighted the top of Fraser Island off our port side. Cas, in her smokers position on the side of the boat took the prize for seeing the most wide life, including a rather large shark with a freshly caught something in its mouth. Cas was just impressed that the “something” wasn’t her arm as it dangled over the side of the boat.

As we got closer to Urangan, where the marina was, it progressively got shallower, until we got to the sand banks where we needed to follow the channel down to  Urangan. Along the way we passed a couple of Army landing craft with some trucks on board.

Safely tucked up in the marina next to a helpful live aboard couple with two cute dogs on board, we headed up for a meal at the Café at the marina to celebrate a great week of cruising with Kim, Jane and Cas. All three were hopping on planes to head off home. As Cas left, Phil rocked up to take their place. After some shopping and a good nights sleep we were off through Sandy Straits.

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