Past the Biggest Sand Island In the World

With a new crew member on board, we were keen to get an early start and make our way down the 40nm strait that runs between the mainland and Fraser Island, the biggest sand island going. The strait twists and turns through a myriad of channels getting down to 3m at times (and that was with a 1.5m tide) – I wouldn’t like to attempt this at low tide. We’d timed the tides right and got a knot and a half of current right through the whole way. We started on a flood tide pushing us south into the channel and finished with an ebb tide sucking us out – got to love that.

Along the way we passed Kingfisher Resort, which has a nice anchorage out the front, but didn’t stop. Our destination was Pelican Bay down the bottom of the strait, which set us up quite well to get out over wide bay bar the next day.

After a lovely day motoring on flat water, with a bit of a sail at the end, we dropped anchor in Pelican Bay and took the dingy around to the beach at Inskip Point. We had a lovely long walk along the beach, taking a couple of hours to get back to the dingy. Along the way we past the car ferry that runs across to the bottom of Fraser Island and lots of keen fishermen trying their luck off the beach. There’s a huge camping ground running just behind the beach for ages, and lots of 4WDs driving along a lovely wide beach. There were a few people swimming and Phil and I jumped in and had a swim on the way back.

Another beautiful day in paradise. DSC_0742

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