Big Shells Everywhere


We pulled up our anchor and once again headed north towards Withnell Point.

Nothing much to report on the first half of our journey but after we passed the Sandy Point fish sanctuary things started to hot up. We hooked a nice size Mackerel then sailed past a Manta Ray. We thought we’d head for the shallower water as we appoached Withnell Point, thinking we’d have a better chance of seeing some more Manta Ray’s but instead hooked a huge Mackerel. Michael grabbed the net but this one was far too big for the net. I kept its head out of the water whilst Michael grabbed the gaff.

Too late – he broke the trace and took our lure with him. Bummer. We immediately discussed tactics so we wouldn’t loose the next one.

Shortly after we took down the sails and motored into a lovely bay to the north of Withnell Point.

Gaint Shells at Withnell Point

Time for a swim. Cas was sitting on the back step eying off the water when a rather large boltcutter (north west blowie) siddled up to her and took a nibble on the swim ladder. Then it headed for the shark shield which we had just put in the water. We quickly pulled that out before he decided to have it for supper. Then two other boltcutters joined in. Obviously the shark shield has no effect on them. Perhaps we’d save our swim until we got to shore.

On shore we headed north along the beach. Immediately behind the beach there was a sandy flat area where a great deal of rubbish had been washed up along with lots and lots of shells, a lot of which were quite big. Joan from Kichega would have had a field day. And to think that Kinchega sailed straight past this bay.Turning around we headed the other way and met a crowd of guys in four fishing boats having a boys fishing trip there. They had hired a fishing shack off Dirt Harthog Island, and were settling in with a few beers after a days fishing. Had a great chat to them when we visited shore.

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