How safe is offshore sailing?

For all those folk out there who think going to sea on boats is not a very safe thing to do. Several studies have rated it just above golf, and much lower than contact sports, in terms of both injury and fatality rates.  The actual data varies quite a bit study to study depending on methodology but the ranking of the sports is quite consistent.

Injuries per million hours
Himalayan Mountain Climbing 120000
Skydiving 24752
Skiing 4225
Football 1900
Motorcycling 1692
Squash 1300
Basketball 1100
Rugby 844
Soccer 600
Scuba Diving 381
Swimming 206
Water Skiing 54
Cricket 52
Bicycling 50
Offshore Sailing 42
Golf 37
Flying (scheduled domestic airline) 29
Home living (awake) 5
Home living (awake + asleep) 3

Source: Risk Management associates



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